Videos of Stephanie Connell’s work, for example, Vauxhall – appearing in the second indent.  Acting as an employer for Wozedu and finally for Rok Motion, as Sandra in GSOH, the screen test for that role, followed by screen tests the roles of Alek Bardici, Lena Kusta and Eshu, the Crime Lord for the movie Rapture.  The producers of Rok Motion were so impressed with her screen tests for Alek Bardici, they changed the part from male to female and cast her as Alika Bardici.


“Stephanie, these three clips do you proud. You live up to your excellent reputation and even force us to think beyond what has been written… TWICE!  We could go on and on about how great you are, but it’s already been said. You are a fine, fine actor and a wonderful influence on this whole project.” 


Eve Hawking & Steve Nesbit
Screen Tests: Alek Bardici, Lena Kusta & Eshu, Rapture