July 2023


Stephanie has a small part in the feature film Raging Grace starring Max Eigenmann and David Hayman.  Written and directed by BIFA Nominated Paris Zarcilla, and produced by Chi Thai.

The past few months, Raging Grace has been touring the film festivals, and had its European premiere at Neufchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival, where we swept the awards with THREE wins!

  • 🏆 The International Critics Prize
  • 🏆 The Youth Award for Best Film
  • 🏆 The Audience Award

Also it won the Narrative Grand Jury Prize and the Thunder Bird Rising Award at SXSW23.

Raging Grace‘s heady blend of horror, history, and midnight humor announces the arrival of an exciting new filmmaking talent in writer-director Paris Zarcilla. The story of a Filipina house cleaner (played by Max Eigenmann) and her young daughter, Grace, confronting Britain’s racial and class divides.  Raging Grace is both frank and elusive, a film that subverts expectations on its way to a stirring conclusion. In cleverly employing genre tropes to explore vast socio-political matters, Zarcilla has crafted a resonant, urgent work about labor, legacy, and diaspora.